Our Frequently Asked Questions - Cleaning and Housekeeping Services In the Memphis area

1) Do I have to be at home?

No. Our goal is to accommodate our clients in any way we can. You do not have to be at home when we arrive, or stay at home, unless you want. Over 90% of our clients either leave a key in a safe place or trust us to keep a key secure in our office. There are several other options, including keypads and lock boxes.
2) Do you furnish supplies?

We furnish all supplies and tools for cleanings except paper towels and trash bags
We are happy to use a product furnished by our clients if it is something we do not furnish.
3) Do you give prices over the telephone or by e-mail?

No. While we are happy to give “estimates” over the telephone or email, based on our standard price ($27.50 per cleaner per hour with a $90 minimum) and the information we gather about your home or office, we can and will give you a price only after we have actually seen and ‘walked' your premises. An estimate is just that: a “guess” and not a firm price.

We will give you your choice of price options once we arrive at your home, but we repeat that the cost will be $27.50 per person per hour for the actual cleaning time needed to meet our quality standards. You may also purchase blocks of time and have your own specific list of items and rooms you may want cleaned in the time you request, with a price not to exceed.

And following initial deep/spring clean we are happy to provide a fixed price based how often we come emphasizing that the price is subject to change if frequency or tasks change.

4) What if I am not completely satisfied?

We have a quality assurance guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any detail of the work, give us a call within 24 hours. We will promptly return and take care of it. We ask that we be allowed to take care of any concerns within 24 hours.
5) What time will the cleaners arrive?

We will give you a window of time (usually two hours). Due to our scheduling, we cannot give exact times. We will be happy to let you know where the cleaning crew is, and how quickly we expect them to arrive, if you call our office at (901) 861-3967 during your scheduled window.
6) What do I need to do before the cleaners arrive?

Provide access to your home, and be sure to kennel any pets where they won't interfere with access or cleaning. Be sure to leave payment at the time of cleaning, or conclude payment arrangements with our office. It is not necessary to “pick up” beforehand, but that does save time for our team – and that time translates into potential savings for you.

We are happy to perform additional services, such as extra dishwashing, laundry, linen changes, fridge and oven cleaning, window washing and any other spring cleaning service. In some cases there is a nominal charge for additional materials.
7) What is your cancellation policy?

We require a cancellation notice. Once your home is on our schedule, we require a 24-hour cancellation notice, with receipt confirmed by our office (either by telephone or e-mail). We reserve the right to charge you a $35 cancellation fee if you cancel with shorter notice. If we arrive at your home to clean and do not have access, there is a full charge for the time and travel reserved.
8) Prices and estimates

We charge 27.50 per person per hour for initial cleanings
We stress that all initial cleanings are based on an hourly rate in order to insure that we have enough time to get our clients home ready to maintain.
9) What if i need extra time?

Most of the time we can accommodate the extra time if given a advanced notice. Extra time spent in your home requires a extra fee. We ask that you please call the office the day before to let us know.
10) Cancellation policy

We require a cancellation the day before by 9 a.m. or a $50.00 cancellation fee will apply. Office hours are between 7:00 a/m - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
All clients must read and agree to our terms of service before we begin work in your home.
Give us a chance and we're sure that you will become another satisfied customer.
Call us now in Memphis at 901-861-3967, or email us with your cleaning requests.