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how to clean blinds

Step-By-Step How to Clean Blinds

Dirty or dusty blinds are one of those small details that oftentimes gets passed by during a normal house cleaning. When’s the last time you gave your blinds a good cleaning? Over time, dust and dirt can build on the blinds on both sides, which can make them difficult to clean.

Blinds in the kitchen are even more prone to becoming dirty due to splashes that happen around the table, stove, or counters. Stop letting dirty blinds stare you down. We’re here to teach you how to clean blinds with ease so you never have to worry about staring dirty blinds in the face again. 

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Use A Vacuum Tool to Vacuum 

The first step to cleaning your blinds is to take a soft cleaning tool on your vacuum and vacuum them. The vacuum tools work great for removing dust from objects inside your home. Vacuuming the blinds will rid them of any loose dirt or dust with ease. 

Use your vacuum’s extender to reach the top of the blinds and don’t forget to vacuum both sides. 

Dust With a Soft Duster

After vacuuming away the majority of the dust, you can then use a duster to dust the blinds. This will wipe off any leftover dust or dirt that the vacuum was unable to remove. You can use a soft duster or even a microfiber cloth to complete this step. 

Remember to dust one side and then turn the blinds in the opposite direction to dust the other side as well. Be sure to dust and vacuum your blinds in a downward motion, otherwise, you might cause them to become unhinged. 

Close Blinds and Wash

Blinds with stuck-on dirt or grime can be gently washed cleaned using a damp cloth. Close the blinds and dip your cloth in warm water. Use the cloth to then scrub away any stubborn debris. 

The warm water should be enough to wipe the blinds clean, but if needed, you can add a small amount of soap to the water as well. When using soap, be sure to rinse well after washing. If all the soap isn’t removed, then it’ll leave a film on the blinds.

Remove for Deep Cleanings

In some instances, you might need to give the blinds a solid deep cleaning. This is true for blinds that haven’t been cleaned in years or for blinds that have lots of spills or splashes on them (blinds located in or near the kitchen). 

To deep clean your blinds, you’ll need to remove them from your window with care. Place them inside your bathtub filled with warm soapy water. You can scrub them clean inside the bathtub. 

Rinse well and then pat dry. 

We Know How to Clean Blinds!

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