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House Cleaning Services in Memphis

When it comes to the best house cleaning services in Memphis, Clean Sweep Of America is the ideal choice. Combining diligence, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction, we clean our client’s homes from top to bottom, eliminating dust, dirt, grime, and foul odors.

Moreover, we’re an experienced team of hard-working cleaners with a host of flexible scheduling options. Please take advantage of our expert cleaning team and fiercely competitive prices to experience the difference a professional cleaner can make for your quality of life and satisfaction.

You can reach us any time at (901) 861-3967 to get in touch to book our services.

Book a Consultation

Schedule Your House Cleaning Consultation Today

Book your house cleaning consultation with us today and benefit from the top-class services we provide local homeowners. As an industry-leading housekeeper, we emphasize the consultation process as one of the most critical aspects of our services because it’s when we’re first introduced to your needs.

Throughout the consultation process, we’ll ask many questions to find out as much about the service you expect from us as we can. We want to understand basic things like your budget and ideal weekly schedule.

However, we also want you to let us know of any specific instructions or requests for different rooms, appliances, or spaces in your home. Our team are all fast learners and can adapt to any specifications you lay out for us.

We look forward to scheduling your consultation with our experts. We can’t wait to brighten your life by ensuring your house is sparkling every week.

House Keeping: Experienced Local Professionals Here to Help You Keep Your Home Immaculate

Another advantage of having been around for so long is the cleaning experience our house keeping experts have gained. There is no job that is too big or small for us. No matter the size of the property you need us to clean, we will get the job done effectively and with speed.

When you hire us for your housekeeping, you can expect:

  • Flexible scheduled services
  • Fair rates
  • The helpful, hardworking staff
  • Cleaning tips
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Licensed, insured service
  • Custom cleaning services
  • And more

In the world of janitorial cleaning, there is nothing we don’t do. If you are curious about whether we can refresh your home, the answer is always yes.

Our Housekeeping Services Help You Keep Germs Off High-Touch Surfaces

When we say housekeeping services for high-touch surfaces, we truly mean all of them. This goes beyond just tables and counters, handles, and light switches, and includes the cushions on your couch, side tables, bedspreads, windowsills, bookshelves, and anything else in your home that is horizontal and in frequent use.

Ensuring every flat or high-touch surface in the house is cleaned is a great first step to the cleaning process because it allows us to scan the entire house, organize the surfaces, and scope out the state of everything else that needs tidying or disinfecting.

Disinfecting Surfaces and Countertops

Disinfecting countertops and surfaces like glass keeps dust and other unwanted particles like allergens and germs from becoming a problem in your home. We clean all surfaces with high-powered disinfectants, including food-safe solutions for glistening kitchen countertops.

Disinfecting countertops and other surfaces puts the finishing touches on their clean appearance. We’ll shine surfaces up and get rid of the last little dust particles to leave behind fresh-smelling, perfectly safe surfaces that leave your household glowing with cleanliness and appeal.   

Choose From a Wide Range of Cleaning Services

No matter how fragile your carpet is or how delicate your tiles are, we are the team to call to maintain a clean home environment. With truly tailored cleaning services, we do nothing you would not have approved in the consultation stage.

When we first meet and are familiarizing ourselves with your space, we will be asking questions to ensure you are happy with the way we are doing things. We will create a checklist specific to your needs and bring it to every subsequent job to ensure a perfect cleaning every time.

Our cleaning expertise extends to these services and beyond:

  • Maid service
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and upholstery care
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuuming and upholstery cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Floor cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Customized disinfection options
  • And much more

Take advantage of our incredible cleaning services today and call us to discuss your goals at no risk on your behalf.

Our Maid-Service Strategy

After cleaning the homes of Memphis for so many years, we have streamlined our maid-service strategy into an efficient, effective system that works every time. Beyond enlisting a team of reliable technicians that will show up on time, we also are committed to spotlessly cleaning your home.

Cleaning things in the correct order ensures that the last speck of dust follows us out the door as we leave, leaving you with a home that is completely wiped down, sanitized, and truly clean.

The following outlines what makes our professional cleaning strategy so successful.

Better Bathroom Disinfection

Your bathroom sees a lot of regular traffic, and it’s only normal to experience the buildup of dirt and grime every few days. It’s essential, however, especially as a wet area, that your bathroom stays clean and sanitized. 

Our team posses all the tools and products to deliver you high-quality bathroom disinfection services for your home. We will be happy to disinfect:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Baths 
  • Showers
  • Bidets 
  • And all other areas of your space!

If you are only interested in hiring a cleaner for parts of your home, like your bathroom for example, let our experts know. We would be happy to accommodate you in whatever way you need. 

Disinfecting Tubs, Sinks, Toilets, and Appliances

With our robust arsenal of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we’ll clean all your home appliances. Generally, we start with the top-level bathrooms and work our way down to the kitchen and the laundry room.

We’ll thoroughly clean your sinks, toilets, stovetop, oven, and microwave. Once we’ve finished this step, your home is almost thoroughly cleaned. Of course, these are only a few of the possibilities you can choose from a full suite of services tailored to your choices. Reach our team to explore affordable options during a non-committal consultation appointment.

Kitchen Deep Cleans 

Do you include stove cleaning, over-cleaning, and cleaning behind the fridge in your regular weekly cleaning regime? Most people don’t. While it’s easy to overlook these areas, it’s even easier for dust and bacteria to build up and impact the health of those using your space. 

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in the house. Furthermore, there are always things cooking in there. That means grease splatter, food fragments, all kinds of potential odors, and all sorts of other cleaning tasks left on the back burner. When cleaning kitchens, we acknowledge that it is one of the messier rooms in any house, and we approach it as such. Cleaning a kitchen properly requires a lot of extra attention, so that’s exactly what we’ll give it. By the time we are finished, your kitchen will look like it’s on display for viewing.

If your kitchen space needs a deep clean, Clean Sweep Of America can assist you. Reach us to discuss the state of your cooking area and book a cleaning today.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you leave your tile and grout cleaning to Clean Sweep Of America, we will thoroughly disinfect and clean the dirt and bacteria from your showers, floors, countertops, and all surfaces where tiles and grout have become tarnished and unsanitary.

Our professional cleaning service providers are specially trained and skilled in removing mold, mildew, and other germs that tend to build up when grout and tiles are neglected for too long. It’s essential to maintain these difficult-to-clean areas because, over time, they can spread germs, and mold will begin to grow. This is particularly important if you have children and pets in the home who don’t understand the importance of avoiding it. 

Whether you need your tiles and grout cleaned in your kitchen or bathroom, we have the skills and best chemicals to get the job done as efficiently as possible. 

Basement Cleaning Services

Whether you are looking to remodel your basement or if it needs to be refreshed, hiring an expert to complete basement cleaning will ensure that the area gets the quality clean it deserves. We can clean out crawl spaces, clean carpets, vacuum utility rooms, and so much more. 

No messy basement is a match for our cleaning services. We will go through diligently and make sure your basement is more than just inhabitable before we leave, it will be sparkling clean! Once Clean Sweep of America does the cleaning, you’ll feel inclined to spend more time down there unlocking a space full of potential right beneath your feet.

Glass Cleaners: Experience Window Cleaning Services and Glass Care That’s Unrivaled  

The next most important factor in ensuring your house appears sparkly clean means cleaning all the glass in the house. We will wipe down and polish every piece of glass in your home, from the entry windows to the glass in your picture frames and on your oven door. The fingerprints have got to go!

Having clean glass throughout your house makes a subtle but noticeable difference, and if you have guests coming over, they will remark the pristine state of your glass and feel as though the cleaning service had just been there.

Cleaning Mirrors and Glass

Your mirrors and glass are crucial elements to ensure a spotless home. Streaks on glass are obvious and can be quite the eyesore, so perfectly clear glass is always a plus. The mirrors in your home help to expand the space, while the ones in your bathroom are essential for grooming purposes—we clean all with the same attention to detail.

We’ll make sure your windows get the proper treatment as well, using top-of-the-line glass cleaners and tools to ensure a squeaky-clean finish. Generally, we stick to cleaning the inside of the windows, but we can also clean the ground level outside.

If you’ve been missing out on a cleaning team that will put an end to your smudgy glass, call Clean Sweep Of America today!

Decluttering Your Home

The first step is to clean away anything getting in the way so we can thoroughly scrub every surface. We’ll walk through every room with our prepared cleaning caddies and begin by clearing away all of the clutter.

Organization and tidying play a considerable role in any space’s clean appearance. We’ll strip your home of all its garbage and clutter and put everything in its proper place so we have a clear slate to work with before putting in the real elbow grease of the job.

Polishing Furniture, Flat Surfaces, and Stainless Steel

Next comes the polishing. Now that we have cleaned every flat surface in your home, we will want to break out the polish. This will ensure those surfaces are sparkling!

We will start to attack all the furniture in the home. Polishing your wooden furniture will eliminate all the dust that sits there. This results in shiny furniture that looks new.

We will continue polishing all your stainless-steel appliances too. Chances are you don’t polish your kitchen appliances too often, so when we do it, you’ll notice the difference.

Floor Care: Vacuuming, Dust Mopping, and Mopping to Keep Germs and Allergens Away

At this point in the cleaning service, we’ll have been steadily cleaning from the top to the bottom of every room.  Now, it’s time to ensure nothing is left on your floors. We’ll start by systematically sweeping all the hard floors and remove the remaining dust. Sweeping your floors allows us to focus on the pristine quality of the floors and affords us one last opportunity to check in every corner. We then clean and vacuum all your floors, including carpeting, rugs, and any appropriate hard surfaces. We leave behind only spotless floors free from dust, dirt, hair, and other contaminants.

The dust mopping will handle the remaining dust. This ensures that the vacuum didn’t miss anything and that the floors are ready for a good mopping.

Wet mopping is the last step. All the dust bunnies will be cleaned up at this point, and only scrubbing remains. Mopping is done in two steps: one with soapy water and one with a dry mop. The soapy water cleans your floors, and the dry mopping picks up all the soap and polishes the floors, finishing the job.

The mopping will take care of all that is left of the dust. And don’t worry – we always mop properly! We don’t use too much water, so you don’t have to worry about water damage in your home. Once the mopping is done, there is only one thing left to do.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Solutions You Can Afford 

Are stains on your carpet attracting the wrong kind of attention? Perhaps the well traveled areas of your home are looking like they could use a little extra innovation to remove grime that has latched into your carpet fibers and is holding on for dear life. 

Whatever carpet trouble you’re facing, we’re here to help you refresh your investment and replenish your home with improved air quality. To do this, we use professional carpet cleaning and stain extraction equipment and techniques we’ve spent many years refining to ensure they work and are safe and affordable for our clients. 

You can count on us to:

  • Remove carpet stains in high-traffic areas 
  • Spot remove stains on rugs 
  • Keep rugs and carpeting smelling clean and fresh
  • Deeply disinfect carpeted areas
  • Improve indoor air quality 

When you invite us into your home to take care of carpeting in any room, you can rest assured we’ll treat your property with the utmost respect and attention. Connect with us today to learn why more local homeowners prefer our expertise above the rest. 

Professional Upholstery Care 

Anyone with children can attest to how difficult it is to keep sofas and other fabrics free and clear of handprints and stains. Even the fully grown occasionally have a slip of the hand, where a glass of wine or splash of coffee makes an unfortunate appearance on your couch. 

If you’d like to nip the problem in the bud quickly and restore beauty and like-new appeal to your furniture and other fabrics in your home, we have the solutions you can trust for spotless results. Some of the different types of furniture and materials our upholsterers clean regularly include:

  • Sofas 
  • Chairs 
  • Loveseats 
  • Bed headboards made of fabric 
  • Curtains and drapery 
  • Tablecloths 
  • Dining chairs 
  • Home office chairs 
  • Chaise lounge chairs 
  • And much more 

Our initial consultations are risk-free, and we’re always looking forward to answering your home care questions.  

Feel free to reach out for more information on how we remove specific types of stains and buildup. 

Interior and Exterior Window Washing 

Washing interior and exterior windows is a big job and can be frustrating and dangerous to accomplish on your own, depending on how high up your window are. When you have high windows up to 3 stories, our window care pros are here to make short work of making them sparkle inside and out.

To start, we use professional window washing equipment and approved chemical solutions that cut through environmental buildup and grime. In addition, we select only the savviest and most experienced professionals and require up-to-date insurance and safety training for each crew member. Doing this helps us ensure we’re always on our A-game regarding worksite safety and helps to reduce your liability, and ensures your window cleaning is complete on time and in line with your elevated expectations. 

In addition to cleaning the outside and inside of your home’s windows, we also offer the following deep cleaning services to help you keep your home in the best shape for longer:

  • Windowsill cleaning 
  • Window track cleaning 
  • Screen cleaning 
  • Window casing cleaning 

You may choose to have your windows cleaned as little or as often as you’d like, but we recommend having them professionally cleaned at least once per calendar year. Phone to explore customizable cleaning and scheduling.

Scrubbing Baseboards 

Baseboards generally complete the aesthetics of every room in a home, but what happens when these finishing touches start to accumulate a thick layer of dust and other types of nasty grime? If stooping down to try and tackle the perimeter of every room in your home is not your cup of tea, or you simply don’t have the time or energy to invest, we’re here to help. 

Our cleaning solutions work quickly to break down and remove difficult-to-clean grime and grease and reveal gorgeous baseboards that you can be proud to call your own. Special equipment and a strong arm allow our technicians to make quick work of any task. 

Call us to find out what we can do to help you check cleaning baseboards off your list. 

Garbage Collection and Disinfection of Waste Baskets

We save the garbage for last because we may put some things in the trash or find things that should be deposited there while cleaning.

Going around and taking the garbage away also gives us one last opportunity to scan the house for anything we may have missed before we go. Also, if you have guests coming over, they will see that you took the time to get down to the very last detail for their visit which they will certainly appreciate.

Regular Cleaning Service

A busy household gets dirty fast, and if you need a team of experts to service your property on a regular basis, Clean Sweep Of America is more than happy to help. We can come in weekly or a few times a week, depending on your needs. After a few weeks, we’ll know your property inside out, and you can rest assured that our servicing will be highly efficient and effective in removing dirt and grime and keeping your space immaculate. 

We are happy to offer our services around your work schedule, or we can provide convenient cleaning while you’re away at work – whatever you’re most comfortable with. 

Rest assured that our team is very professional and will use nothing but the utmost care and respect when servicing your property.

One-Time or Seasonal Home Cleaning 

Do you have a special event coming up? Perhaps you’re holding a party at your home? If you need one-time assistance or set up from an experienced team, Clean Sweep Of America is at your service. We have helped prepare for and set up dozens of parties, and we’re happy to complete take-down services as well. Whatever you need, we’re confident that our experts can help!

We can also provide seasonal cleaning services in the spring and fall and refresh your home.

As cleaners, we are flexible to the client’s needs. If you communicate the service you need from us over the phone or during our initial consultation, we will come prepared to serve your command. Nothing is written in stone either! Because we prioritize ongoing communication with our clients, you can freely adjust your cleaning program any time you need to.

Small Office-Cleaning Solutions for People who Work from Home 

If you work from home, you already know how difficult it can be to find the motivation to clean your home office after putting in a full day. When you don’t want to spend any more time in your small office than you have to, all you have to do is schedule one of our technicians to come in and take over the cleaning duties for you.

Our well-established cleaning services and impeccable reputation make us the right choice for cleaning private residences, including your home office. Get in touch to get started with an obligation-free estimate on a wide range of services tailored to your liking. 

Move Out Cleaning Can Help You Retrieve a Damage Deposit 

If you were renting and were required to pay your landlord a damage deposit before moving into your home, in some cases, it is possible to be reimbursed when you leave your former home in spotless condition. 

We recommend checking with your leasing agent to understand the rules of your move-out agreement first and then getting in touch to discuss how our move-out cleaners can help you achieve your goals. Call us today to get started. 

House Cleaning for Seniors 

Are you a senior or caring for a senior who could use a little extra help with their house cleaning? We understand it can be difficult for seniors to get around their homes as well as they used to, and we’re dedicated to helping elderly clients and their families ensure their homes are well-kept.

Connect with our representatives today to schedule an obligation-free consultation appointment and get the answers you need to make the most informed choices. 

Post-Renovation Home Cleaning Services 

In the aftermath of a home renovation, you’ll be anxious to get back into your space – but not so fast! First, let’s ensure that your living space is safe and livable by completing a thorough clean. 

Our team will provide you with post remodeling cleaning services to rid your space of dirt, leftover building materials, sharp objects, and debris so you can enjoy your fresh area to the max. 

Unless you hire our team to clean after a renovation, you’ll be inhaling sawdust for months after the job is done, and you’ll be sweeping up dust that you swore you cleaned before. That’s because, during remodeling, dust lands in the HVAC ducts and will continue to cycle unless it is dealt with by a professional like us.

Enjoy your new space as fast as possible! Get in touch with our team today to book your post-reno cleaning service.

The Right Janitorial Equipment and Training for the Job

Your property deserves luxury treatment. Our professional cleaners are the best in the area, and the products and equipment we use are time-tested and guaranteed to make your home fresher than ever.

Before we hire staff, we ensure they have already experienced cleaners. Once hired, our cleaners go through our rigorous training program to ensure that your property is cleaned the Clean Sweep Of America way, upholding our seal of approval. Regardless of which of our cleaning technicians works in your home that day, you’ll receive the same high-quality clean every time.

Then there is our equipment. As cleaners, we keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry so we can continue giving you the best service possible and see whether what we can do can be improved upon. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but our cleaning methods and the tools we use to do them are so effective that we will only adopt new equipment if we find it more effective or allow us to work faster. Not only that, but it would also have to hold up to our high environmental standards too.

Since we are constantly working to make our cleaning service faster and more effective, beyond having an exceedingly clean environment to live in as often as you want, the true benefit of our services is the time you will gain.

Detailed Domestic Cleaning on Your Schedule

When dealing with your home, you get to decide when things get done. Our cleaning services are certainly no exception. Call us for your cleaning consultation, and we can come by any time you need us.

With experience in cleaning many different environments, not only will we adapt to your preferred schedule, but you can adjust the schedule whenever you need to. Like anyone, we appreciate notice when changes need to happen, but we are always highly flexible and prioritize transparency with our clients. 

Competitive House-Cleaning Prices

Some people overlook hiring a housekeeping team because they believe it to be simply too expensive. However, our company is proud to provide some of the best rates on residential cleaning services in the local area. 

We want to offer our assistance to as many deserving clients as possible, and we keep our rates low to do so. 

If you’d like to receive an estimate for the cost of your regular or one-time cleaning service, reach our representatives by phone or email directly. We’ll gladly provide you with a cost estimate. 

How Deep Cleaning Services Save You Time and Money

Trying to keep up with the cleaning in your home, especially if you have kids around, is an utterly impossible task. The cleaning never ends. Although we cannot control your children, our weekly home cleaning will certainly curb their rambunctiousness.

By offering you such incredible cleaning services at competitive local rates, you will be saving time and money. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the amount of time you gain throughout the week with our help. Of course, there will be a few things for you to keep up with between the times we show up, but those will be minuscule compared to the amount of time you spent cleaning before we came around.

If you are still on the fence about hiring our services, we can efficiently work around your schedule and the kind of place you occupy.

Why Choose Clean Sweep Of America As Your Preferred Cleaning Agency?

If you want to outsource your home cleaning services to a professional, you’ve come to the right place. The expert cleaners at Clean Sweep Of America have provided high-quality housekeeping services in the Memphis area for years. We take a highly customized approach and use quality cleaning products and trusted techniques when working in your private spaces. 

Every time we stop by your house, you can expect spotless results. As a cleaning company that takes our work seriously, whether you are expecting guests or not, your entire house will be spotless before we leave. Additionally, in the name of providing Memphis’ most competitive cleaning service, you can guarantee great prices every time we show up to your property.

Whether you hope to hire our experts on a regular basis or for a one-time cleaning service only, we invite you to contact us at (901) 861-3967. 

Connect with Professional Cleaners!


We Use a Proven Approach to Cleaning Your Home

Our approach to cleaning has efficiency front and center. We pride ourselves on our ability to clean our clients’ homes thoroughly and swiftly so they can enjoy a spotless home without ever having to wait an unreasonably long time. It’s an advantage for both you and us that we work so quickly because it enables us to squeeze more work into a day and allows you to enjoy a clean space without having us underfoot for long.

After so many years of providing our clients with the amazing cleaning services we’re known for, we’ve developed the know-how and confidence to clean thoroughly and without wasting time. No matter how extensive our task is, we follow a tried-and-true cleaning system that enables us to tackle any job easily.

Professional Cleaners Who Ensure the Ongoing Value of Your Home

Keeping your home clean is about more than just helping it look its best. Keeping your space free of dirt, mold, and mildew will also help you increase the long-term value of your property. Caring for your floors, walls, appliances, and fixtures will increase their lifespan and save you money in the long run too, so why not spend a bit of money now and save it later?

Ensuring that your space is clean is the best way to see the state the structure of your house is in too. If there is a layer of dust over everything or is clutter, there may be problems lurking in the background you cannot see. With the help of our professional cleaning services, every surface and every corner of your house will be plain to see.

Consistent cleaning also allows us to spot problems arising instead of finding them once it is too late. If we find any arising damage in your home as we clean, we will be sure to report it to the homeowners.

Highly Personalized Home Cleaning Services

Over the years, our team has learned that no two homeowners are the same. Every individual has a different set of needs and expectations when it comes to cleaning and caring for their home, and our experts want to know about yours. 

When you reach us about hiring cleaners, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we will chat about why you wish to hire a professional cleaner, what you hope to gain from the experience, and what areas you want us to focus on. 

If there are specific cleaning tools or products that you want us to use, please let us know. We’re always happy to take special requests and build a highly personalized cleaning routine. 

Show Your Home in Its Best Light with the Assistance of Private House Cleaners

Are you looking to sell your home? Do you have a showing coming up? Do you need your residential space to be cleaned thoroughly? Clean Sweep Of America has you covered. We’d be happy to provide you with deep cleaning and staging for your home so that it looks its best for potential buyers. 

If you try to clean your home yourself, you might miss something that potential buyers will see. Through the help of our time-testing cleaning strategy, we will not miss a thing. Before we leave your house, it will look like a model home. Although we are not home stagers, what we can do for your existing furniture setup is second to none. By cleaning all surfaces, glass, furniture, sweeping and mopping, and taking out the trash, there will be no aspect of your home we miss when cleaning.

Reach us to book your cleaning service with our expert team today!

Custom House Cleaning Plans

Clean Sweep Of America is the only team you need to call in Memphis when you require a customizable house-cleaning service. Whether you require a one-time cleaning because of a big event coming up, or you need a routine cleaning service to help you get a hold of your busy schedule, please get in touch with our team.

When you call us, you will be greeted by one of our friendly representatives. They will happily tell you about the exceptional cleaning services that we offer at competitive local rates. There is never a wrong time to call Clean Sweep Of America and set up your first cleaning appointment.

Call (901) 861-3967 if you have questions about getting started with our locally regarded cleaning services.

What Makes Us Stand Out as Memphis’ Favorite House-Cleaning Crew?

In an industry as competitive as ours, providing high-quality service is critical to our survival. We wouldn’t have lasted if our clients weren’t happy with our services – it’s as simple as that.

We have developed a reputation for providing excellent cleaning services because of our attention to detail, our fast turnaround times, and our emphasis on customer care. When we start cleaning your home, we want to get to know you and how you like things done.

Get in touch with us today and schedule a time to give us the walk-through of your home. We look forward to helping.

How You Will Benefit from Our Proven Cleaning Systems

Hiring a professional house cleaner is an excellent investment for your home. From the cleanliness to the added value, there really is no reason not to work with a regular cleaning service. Even more, hiring a professional cleaning company can save you time and stress from dealing with it yourself. When you work with us, you can take a load off and rest assured that your home will be left sparkling clean. When you work with our team, you can reap the following benefits. 

Walking into a clean home

It will always be our goal to ensure you walk into a clean home right after we’re done with our cleaning routine. From the dusted ceilings to the washed floors, your home always be left in immaculate condition. Hiring a professional cleaner for your home cleaning will bring you peace of mind that your home will always be cleaned and something you don’t need to worry about. When you work with us, you can return to a clean home without worrying about spending your evenings and weekends cleaning. 

Pay per service

When you work with Clean Sweep Of America, you will benefit from customizing your service to your home’s particular needs. If you have a family pet (or many), and all you need is a deep carpet clean at every visit, we will create a cleaning schedule that includes just that. Or suppose you have a busy schedule and need a bi-weekly cleaner to take care of the surface cleaning, that can be arranged as well. 

Saved time 

We can appreciate how hectic life is and the need to find just a little more time to do the things we enjoy. When you hire Clean Sweep Of America, we will spend the time cleaning your home while you spend time doing more important things. 

Rids your home of bacteria and germs

Our home is a place to relax and find solitude at the end of the day. But when we come home to an unpleasant smell due to bacteria and germ growth, it takes away from the comfortability factor. Let us help you keep your home in a state of relaxation. All it takes is regular visits, and we can transform your home into a space you’ll never want to leave. 

Take a break from rigorous deep cleaning

We all love when spring is upon us because we get to enjoy the sunnier and warmer days, but we dread spring cleaning. As much as it’s dreaded, it should always be an essential part of your cleaning schedule. When you work with Clean Sweep Of America for your deep cleaning, our professional janitors will ensure all the nooks and crannies are wiped clean, the window tracks are sparkling, and the baseboards look brand new. This is a lot of work, and that’s why we encourage you to leave it up to us to tackle. 

You will save money on cleaning products and tools

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning your home, it requires quite a bit of cleaning products. If you’re tired of spending money on products to do a job that you don’t enjoy doing, why not let the experts take care of it? When you hire our team, we will come to your home prepared with all the necessary equipment. All you need to do is direct us to the rooms you need to be cleaned, and we will take care of the rest. The best thing is you won’t need to find extra storage space for piles of cleaning products!

You will have a welcoming home

Don’t we all love hosting friends and family? If you enjoy it as much as we do, you are probably mindful of how your home is perceived when you have quests. Let us help you create a home environment that your guests enjoy and that you’re not self-conscious of. With our personalized service plans, we can drop by for a single service before you host a social gathering so you can focus your energy on party planning and food preparation. 

Maintains your home value

Believe it or not, when your home cleaning goes neglected, you risk things deteriorating, such as carpet, flooring, and walls. Suppose you are in the market to sell or rent your home, but you have soiled and stained floors and nicked walls, you will undoubtedly lose the interest of potential buyers and renters. When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is to be pressured into lowering the selling price because of the state of your home. When you work with our team, we will help you maintain the value of your home!

Staying on top of a cleaning schedule is difficult and not for everyone. But despite this, house cleaning should never be neglected or put on the backburner. Your home is an investment, and we want to help you keep it as your valuable investment. With our competitive prices, flexible scheduling, and high cleaning standards, we are confident you will be nothing short of satisfied when you partner with our team to clean your home. 

Call Our Top-Rated House Cleaning Company

Schedule your initial cleaning consultation with Clean Sweep Of America today. We can’t wait to learn about you and find solutions to your home cleaning needs.

We love Memphis and are proud to improve our community’s well-being however we can, and we are glad to offer our cleaning services as our contribution to this great city.

If you think our cleaning services may make your life easier, do not hesitate to reach out to us and schedule an appointment.

You can always reach us at (901) 861-3967. Get in touch today.