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5 Signs Your Business Needs an Office Cleaning Service

Anytime you meet a new potential client, you take steps to make a good first impression. For example, you make an effort to dress in professional attire.

Your office space becomes part of your first impression for new and existing clients every time they visit. A clean, well-ordered office space gives the impression of a business that minds the details.

While rank-and-file employees bear some responsibility for keeping things clean, it’s not a key responsibility for most of them. Plus, many things can distract from those tasks. Keep reading for five signs you need an office cleaning service.

1. Employees Get Sick

Your employees will get sick occasionally. If there’s a cold or flu going around, there isn’t much you can do to prevent it.

If your employees get sick regularly, though, that can mean you need an office cleaning service. Even if your employees pitch in with cleaning, there are areas to clean that they might all avoid. No one enjoys cleaning a bathroom.

Bathrooms, countertops, and door handles can become havens for bacteria or viruses without regular cleaning.

2. Productivity Drop

Cluttered, dirty office spaces often sap productivity. Even if it only happens at a subconscious level, clutter and dirt distract employees. This distraction translates into a loss in productivity.

Plus, a dirtier environment can trigger allergies and increase the odds of illness. Both things that will also reduce overall productivity.

3. It’s No One’s Responsibility

Every company must deal with some level of turnover. The problem with turnover is that implicit responsibilities often don’t transfer over to new employees. While all of your original employees helped out with cleaning, a large portion of your current employees may see it as someone else’s duty.

If general cleaning isn’t part of your hiring discussion with all new employees, you likely need a cleaning service.

4. Business Picks Up

Maybe it’s your busy season, or your company is finally established, but business picks up. As the overall workload increases, people will focus more on core operations and less on secondary duties. You’ll need some help with cleaning while everyone keeps busy with the business side of things.

5. You’re Business is Growing

It’s normal for solopreneurs and small startup teams to assume multiple roles. That routinely includes taking on some responsibility for cleaning up.

As your business grows, though, people typically specialize more and more. As their jobs become more defined, they’ll think less and less about cleaning. That’s the point when you need an office cleaning budget and a cleaning service.

Do You Need an Office Cleaning Service?

While there no definitive checklist exists that can tell you if you need an office cleaning service, there are signs.

Persistent employee absenteeism or illness can serve as a warning that you need cleaning help. Business growth often requires that you bring in a cleaning service since employees must focus on their primary duties.

Of course, the general state of the office often proves the deciding factor.

Clean Sweep of America offers office cleaning services in the Memphis, TN area. If your office needs a professional cleaning touch, reach out and get a quote from us today.