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house cleaning mistakes

7 Common House Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Around 81% of Americans think it’s important to keep their homes neat and clean, with many cleaning before they even see dirt. However, many people also make some pretty big house cleaning mistakes without realizing it.

You could be making some unfortunate mistakes as you clean, sometimes doing more harm than good.

Learn which mistakes you need to avoid, so you can keep your home spick and span.

1. Reusing the Same Rag

If you’re reusing a rag in different areas around the house, you’re spreading germs from room to room! Never use the same rag from one room in another. Imagine bringing bathroom germs into the kitchen.

Either use a new sheet of paper towel for each surface or designate a reusable microfiber cloth for each room. Wash reusable cloths after each cleaning session.

2. Using Furniture Polish the Wrong Way

Furniture polish can really bring a shine to our favorite wooden furniture, but only if you use it the right way. Don’t spray furniture directly with the product. Instead, spray some onto a cloth and then apply to your furniture.

Not all furniture polish is created equal. Some types of polishes contain chemicals that can dull the surface or attract more dust.

3. Not Dusting the Blinds

Blinds tend to collect a lot of dust, meaning they require regular cleaning if you want to keep your home in top shape.

Many people wash their blinds with a damp cloth, but neglect to dust them first. Doing so can leave you with a muddy mess.

Wipe down your blinds with a microfiber duster or use a vacuum attachment.

4. Forgetting the Touch Points

Touch points are areas in your home that get touched often, such as doorknobs and light switches.

Think about everything you touch when you enter a room. It’s crucial that you remember to wipe these areas down with a disinfectant cleaner or wipe to reduce spreading germs.

5. Using a Feather Duster

If you still have a feather duster, consider making the switch to a microfiber duster. Microfiber dusters grab and trap dust rather than spread it around.

6. Neglecting to Deep Clean

Most people don’t mind performing light cleaning, such as tidying up the house, cleaning the toilets, or wiping down the kitchen sink. The problem is that many people neglect to deep clean their houses.

Deep cleaning is more time consuming as you’re targeting areas you don’t often think about, but it’s an essential part of cleaning the home. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire a house cleaning service to perform a deep cleaning for you.

7. Not Drying the Toilet Brush

Are you using your house cleaning tools properly? Putting a toilet brush back into its holder after use traps germs and moisture inside, which can spread to the toilet the next time you use it. Instead, it’s important you let your toilet brush dry before storing it again.

Avoid Making These House Cleaning Mistakes

These seven house cleaning mistakes are just a few examples of what homeowners can do wrong.

We all mean well when we break out our cleaning supplies; we might even make a regular cleaning schedule to follow. However, if you want to make sure your home is as clean as possible, leave it to us!

Get a quote today and see how our professional cleaning services can help.

office cleaning service

5 Signs Your Business Needs an Office Cleaning Service

Anytime you meet a new potential client, you take steps to make a good first impression. For example, you make an effort to dress in professional attire.

Your office space becomes part of your first impression for new and existing clients every time they visit. A clean, well-ordered office space gives the impression of a business that minds the details.

While rank-and-file employees bear some responsibility for keeping things clean, it’s not a key responsibility for most of them. Plus, many things can distract from those tasks. Keep reading for five signs you need an office cleaning service.

1. Employees Get Sick

Your employees will get sick occasionally. If there’s a cold or flu going around, there isn’t much you can do to prevent it.

If your employees get sick regularly, though, that can mean you need an office cleaning service. Even if your employees pitch in with cleaning, there are areas to clean that they might all avoid. No one enjoys cleaning a bathroom.

Bathrooms, countertops, and door handles can become havens for bacteria or viruses without regular cleaning.

2. Productivity Drop

Cluttered, dirty office spaces often sap productivity. Even if it only happens at a subconscious level, clutter and dirt distract employees. This distraction translates into a loss in productivity.

Plus, a dirtier environment can trigger allergies and increase the odds of illness. Both things that will also reduce overall productivity.

3. It’s No One’s Responsibility

Every company must deal with some level of turnover. The problem with turnover is that implicit responsibilities often don’t transfer over to new employees. While all of your original employees helped out with cleaning, a large portion of your current employees may see it as someone else’s duty.

If general cleaning isn’t part of your hiring discussion with all new employees, you likely need a cleaning service.

4. Business Picks Up

Maybe it’s your busy season, or your company is finally established, but business picks up. As the overall workload increases, people will focus more on core operations and less on secondary duties. You’ll need some help with cleaning while everyone keeps busy with the business side of things.

5. You’re Business is Growing

It’s normal for solopreneurs and small startup teams to assume multiple roles. That routinely includes taking on some responsibility for cleaning up.

As your business grows, though, people typically specialize more and more. As their jobs become more defined, they’ll think less and less about cleaning. That’s the point when you need an office cleaning budget and a cleaning service.

Do You Need an Office Cleaning Service?

While there no definitive checklist exists that can tell you if you need an office cleaning service, there are signs.

Persistent employee absenteeism or illness can serve as a warning that you need cleaning help. Business growth often requires that you bring in a cleaning service since employees must focus on their primary duties.

Of course, the general state of the office often proves the deciding factor.

Clean Sweep of America offers office cleaning services in the Memphis, TN area. If your office needs a professional cleaning touch, reach out and get a quote from us today.

clean granite countertops

The Professional Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are stylish, strong, and resilient. Not only are they a nice addition to any kitchen, but they can withstand heat and last hundreds of years. But despite their strength, they require a lot of care. 

You can’t just use anything on these surfaces. There’s actually a certain process you should follow in order to effectively clean granite countertops. That being said, we’re going to walk you through the proper way to clean them so that you get the most out of your countertop! 

Keep reading to learn the best way to clean granite countertops. 

Microfiber Cloth

First, you’ll want to make sure you have a microfiber cloth on hand before starting the cleaning process. These cloths are softer and more gentle than normal cleaning cloths, making them great for use on granite countertops.

Sponges and other cloths can be too harsh for granite and can cause the sealant to breakdown. The goal is to clean and preserve your counters and the first step in ensuring that is done is by having the proper tools. 


This may come as a surprise to many, but warm water and mild dish soap will thoroughly clean your granite countertops. It’s simple, and maybe the most obvious choice, but it’s extremely effective. 

When cleaning your countertops, harsh and abrasive cleaners such as acidic cleaners, vinegar, and bleach should be avoided. These products, although powerful, will also weaken the sealant on your granite and cause it to deteriorate quicker. 

There are also granite specific cleaners available but they are not necessary to use on a regular basis in order to get a clean surface. 

Isopropyl Alcohol 

After using soap and water to wipe down your counter, you should go in with a disinfectant to finish it off. Isopropyl alcohol is a great product to use for this step because it removes any residue that may be left from soap, and it restores shine. It also helps to keep your home virus-free

After wiping your counter down with soap and water, spray alcohol and allow for it to sit for five minutes. Wipe your countertop down and your space will look new and refreshed.  

How Often Should You Clean?

Now that we’ve gone over the proper steps and products to use during the cleaning process, it’s important to know how often this should take place. 

Typically counters are wiped down daily to discard crumbs and small spills. While this is adequate, we recommend following our steps and doing a thorough cleaning once a week to get rid of bacteria and keep your kitchen space safe.  

Now You Know How to Clean Granite Countertops 

Granite countertops require delicate care but the cleaning process is quite simple. Remember to use warm water with mild dish soap, a microfiber cloth to wipe it down, and isopropyl alcohol to disinfect. By following these steps and staying consistent with your counter’s upkeep, you’ll have clean granite countertops all the time. 

You could do it yourself but you don’t have to! Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your granite in tip-top shape.  

wet mopping

What a Difference! The Benefits of Wet-Mopping Kitchen Floors

Do you find yourself constantly worrying over the state of your flooring? Are you spending hours trying to clean them, only to find them dirty the next day? Do you find standard cleaning tools ineffective?

I have a solution for you!

Wet mopping is the most efficient cleaning method and it will transform your kitchen floor! Keep reading to discover the differences between dry and wet mopping, and the benefits a wet mop can provide.

Dry Mopping vs Wet Mopping

Before outlining the benefits of wet mopping, we need to clarify the difference between these mopping methods.

A dry mop, also known as a dust mop, works to pick up dry material such as dirt, food, and hair. This mop is a more efficient alternative to a broom. A mop traps and rids debris while a broom spreads further by sending it into the air allowing it to contaminate other surfaces.

The head of a dry mop has either a detachable or disposable head. Detachable heads made of a fabric material can be cleaned in between uses, while disposable heads are meant to be replaced after each use.

Wet mops pair with water or cleaning solution for a deeper cleaning effect. The various wet mop heads include loop or cut-end that can be wrung out after use, detachable, washable heads, as well as one-time disposable wet pads.

So, why is a wet mop the best mop for you?

Liquid Spills

In every home, you’re likely to encounter a liquid spill, whether it’s from a cooking mishap or a dropped drink. A wet mop’s design allows for liquid absorption. Dry mops can pick up particles on the surface of your floors, but for dried liquids and stains, wet mops are a more efficient option.


Dry mops remove the particles we can see, but they’re useless against lingering bacteria or viruses.

The kitchen and bathroom floors, laundry rooms, sinks, and showers are hot spots for bacteria growth. Without frequent cleaning, this bacteria can spread to other areas in the home. The more we encounter bacteria the more susceptible we are to infection.

A wet mop allows uses soap and water or disinfecting solutions that remove bacteria and protect from potential sickness.


One of the most compelling benefits for wet mop use is its sparkling finish. The professional cleaning result you’re looking for can be achieved with any wet mop. They’re versatile, too, and can be applied to several surfaces.

Wet mopping is safe on hardwood, tile, concrete, stone, and other uneven or rough surfaces. They’re used on baseboards, too, to prevent mold and mildew build-up.

Scrub Away

Wet mopping is quick and easy to do. This kind of mop is the best tool to get rid of a liquid spill, offers freedom from bacteria, and leaves your floors looking immaculate. This is the cleaning solution for you.

If you’re looking for other cleaning tips, or you’re in the Memphis area and need professional cleaning services, check out the rest of our site and give us a call!

The 3 Greatest Challenges of Cleaning a Restaurant

Keeping your restaurant clean is a must for keeping your customers happy and healthy. It’s also important to keep things as sanitary as possible to pass all of your health inspections and generate great customer reviews. 

Make sure you know all you can about cleaning a restaurant, and that you pay attention to the challenging areas that are often overlooked. Keep your restaurant a successful one by keeping it clean with these tips and tricks to cleaning tricker areas that need constant attention. 

1. Soda Fountains

Likely, your restaurant uses at least one or more soda fountain machines every day. The cleanliness of this area is of top priority whether you’re servers fill customer’s drinks or you have a self-serving station. This area can often be overlooked, but the nozzles can get gross very quickly. 

Because most sodas are made from sugary syrups, it can become a place for bacteria and other organisms to grow. It can also attract pests and bugs when syrup builds up. For this reason, cleaning your soda fountain station daily is a must. 

To clean your soda fountain nozzles, remove them using gloves. Use a brush or rag to clean off any sticky substances that are remaining. Use a chlorine-based sanitizer to clean these items, and soak them in the sanitizer for at least 3 minutes, then let them dry before replacing them. 

2. Menus 

Your menus are an essential part of the entire dining experience. Not only will dirty menus gross out your guests, but they are also incredibly unsanitary to hand out to tons of visitors throughout the day. Clean your menus between shits, allowing for daily sanitation to keep your staff and guests healthy. 

The cleaning methods for menus vary depending on the material type. If your menus are paper, recycle them after each use.

Consider laminating your menus or getting menu covers to cut down on waste while also having an easy to clean, reusable surface. Use a rag and sanitizer solution to wipe down your menus between uses.

3. High Chairs and Booster Seats 

Your little guests may have a harder time keeping their food on their plates. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your boosters and high chairs are cleaned between each use. Because these items can be made of different materials, it can be difficult to figure out the best cleaning solution for them. 

Sanitizer solutions work best for plastic chairs and seats, while diluted bleach or vinegar solutions work best for wood. Check with your high chair and booster manufacturers to learn about their suggested cleaning methods. 

Tips for Cleaning a Restaurant Effectively 

When it comes to cleaning a restaurant, it can be difficult to remember the areas that are easy to overlook. Yet, these areas are some of the most important to keep up with cleaning daily. Make sure you keep your guests and staff as healthy as possible by keeping up with all the best sanitary practices. Improve your customer base by paying attention to the cleanliness of your restaurant and hire a professional cleaning company to service your restaurant cleaning needs.

Are you looking for assistance with your restaurant cleaning? Contact us today for a quote on a restaurant cleaning service you can trust. 


how to set a formal dining table

How to Set a Formal Dining Table in Memphis

Does the thought of hosting a formal dinner make you break out in a nervous sweat?

Learning how to set a formal dining table is stressful, especially if you’re unsure of the proper order of forks, plates, and glasses. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about learning how to set a formal dining table for an event, as we’ve created this quick guide to help you get an understanding of the proper placement for all of your dinner dishes.

Keep reading to learn more!


Getting Started


To get started setting a formal dining table, you’ll want to together all of the supplies that you need. This includes:

  • A tablecloth
  •  Chargers
  •  Dinner plates
  •  Soup bowls
  •  Salad plates
  •  Bread plates
  •  Napkins
  •  Salad forks
  •  Dinner forks
  •  Knives
  •  Soup spoons
  • Butter knives
  • Dessert spoons
  • Water glasses
  •  Red wine glasses
  •  White wine glasses

 While this long list can tend to be extremely overwhelming, gathering all of your supplies before you start trying to set the table will make the entire process a lot easier.

Prepping the Table

Before stepping into getting plates placed on the table, you’ll want to lay an ironed tablecloth out on the table. Ironing at the table cloth before laying it on the table will make it much smoother and neater in appearance. After you lay the tablecloth down, be sure to set a charger at each seat.

Laying out Dishes

Once there has been a charger placed in each seat, there should be a soup bowl place in the center of each charger. To the top left of the charger, you will want to leave a bread plate. On the left side of the charger, lay a cloth napkin.

Positioning of Utensils

On the charger’s left side, you’ll first want to first place your salad fork on the outside of the charger. The dinner fork will be placed on the inside, closest to the charger.

To the charger’s right, you will want to place a knife right next to the charger. Be sure that the blade of the knife is facing inwards, towards the charger. After this, you’ll place your soup spoon next to the knife.

As an additional tip, you should be sure to have all of your flatware evenly spaced from each other. A good rule to keep in the back of your head is Too Faced each utensil half of an inch away from each other. Plus, the bottoms of the utensil should be aligned with the bottom of the charger.

Next, you want to place a butter knife horizontally, pointing inwards to the top of the bread plate. Above the charger, you want to lay down a dessert spoon with the handle of the dessert spoon facing to the right.


The glasses will be the last name placed on the table. Above the knife that you placed, put down the water glass. 3/4 of an inch away, you should place the water glass. Lastly, the red wine glass will go slightly above the white wine glass.

Understanding How to Set a Formal Dining Table 

We hope that this guide helped you to gather a better understanding of how to set a formal dining table. Creating a three-course meal for your friends and family to formally enjoy can be stressful, but thankfully setting the table will be a lot easier!

Do you need help getting your house prepared for a formal party that’s coming on? We’re here to help you get your home tidy for the event. Click here to learn about the services we offer. 

post-construction cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning in Memphis: What’s Involved?

Construction projects can leave behind dirt, dust, debris, and odors. These can be difficult for standard cleaning services to eliminate, present challenges, and add unnecessary stress.

Did you recently have a home or workplace renovation? Are you a developer who is constantly dealing with the hassle of cleaning up after a project? Did you know that the management and disposal of many post-construction materials are regulated by the government?

Post-construction cleanup requires attention to every surface in the product space. These can include ceilings, light fixtures, window frames, and other hard-to-reach surfaces. It also can involve the removal of dangerous debris or chemicals.

Eliminate the stress and hassle of trying to ensure a professional level of cleaning and safety. There are services available that can do this for you, quickly and effectively.

Here are a few things to consider when preparing for post-construction cleaning.

Post-Construction Cleaning in Memphis: What’s Involved?

Range of Services

Each job is unique, but to ensure that the cleanup is thorough, hire a company that offers a variety of services. You want someone who can handle any problem that arises.

Basic janitorial service companies are great for regular, basic cleaning. But they will not deep clean major appliances, polish scuffs from walls, or remove hazardous chemicals.

At the same time, basic household cleaning should not be neglected. Rather than going out and hiring several companies to do different tasks, hire one that can do it all. Have the debris removed and the linens laundered in one swoop.

Comprehensive cleaning services can ensure that each space is properly cleaned, no matter what the job entails.


Your newly refurbished floor, paint job, home addition, or renovated workspace should be treated with care and caution. Hire a company with experience, and one that can provide a quality service guarantee.

Also, see what others are saying about the company. Online reviews can give you some insight into what level of expertise and professionalism to expect.

Reputable companies can provide a level of convenience. They will employ personnel that can use lockboxes or keypad entries to access your home or office and secure the building once cleanup is completed. You will not have to worry about being present the whole time the project is underway.

Quality Products

Remnants of a construction project are not your only concern. Many cleaning products can cause irritation, allergic reactions, or even more serious health issues, like cancer. They can release “volatile organic compounds” into the air, or react with other chemicals already in the space.

Find a service that uses non-toxic, eco-friendly products. This will make sure your living or work area is free of allergens, irritants, or dangerous chemicals.


It is common for cleaning services to provide cost estimates over the telephone or by email. Others may quote a “per room” price. Be cautious. There is nothing wrong with getting a “ballpark” figure. But be aware that anything beyond basic cleaning services could be hidden from the price.

A prominent and professional cleaning service will want to view the space and understand details about the project before proposing a final price. This may require more upfront time but will ensure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Find a Service Provider Today

Why spend your valuable time and effort on post-construction cleaning when you can hire a professional to make sure that the job gets done right? Get quality service and peace of mind, so that you can focus your attention on the things that matter. Contact us today to get a quote on all of our services.

what is included in a deep house cleaning

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

Keeping a clean home is more important now than ever before. In fact, studies show that having a clean home makes you healthier! That being said, what about when it is time for something a little more than tidying up

We have the answer for you! We are going to go over exactly what is included in a deep house cleaning. So, if you are ready to get your house cleaned from top to bottom let’s get started!

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

When you choose to have a deep house cleaning team of 3-4 will come to your home and complete an initial walk through of the home.  From there they will utilize a checklist to ensure that each room is carefully detailed and cleaned. Let’s look at the breakdown of each living space. 

The Kitchen

One study found that bacteria like E. Coli and Salmonella were found on 75% of kitchen rags and sponges and on 45% of kitchen sinks.  

Here is what goes into a kitchen deep cleaning:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting trashcans
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of sink and dishwasher
  • Deep cleaning of microwave
  • Cleaning and organizing of all cabinets
  • Deep cleaning of floors 
  • Disinfecting knobs, handles, and pulls
  • Cleaning of Oven and refrigerator 
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces
  • Cobwebs
  • Windows
  • Sills
  • Blinds
  • Baseboards

Deep cleaning in the kitchen is vital to a safe home. The peace of mind that your kitchen is sanitary is priceless.

The Bathrooms 

How can you get clean in an unclean area? Your bathroom can harbor bacteria and mold from the moisture build-up.

Here is what goes into a bathroom deep cleaning:

  • Cleaning of air vents
  • Disinfecting knobs and pulls
  • Cleaning and disinfecting soap dispenser and toothbrush holder
  • Cleaning and disinfecting shower and glass or curtains
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting bathtub and toilet bowl and base
  • Organizing all cabinets
  • Disinfecting and cleaning trashcan
  • Cobwebs
  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Sills
  • Baseboards

Deep cleaning in your bathroom will keep your bathroom a safe and comfortable place. For an added bonus, request your favorite scents such as linen or lavender. 

The Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Unfortunately, our rooms often become havens for dust, clutter, and pet dander. 

Here is what goes into the bedroom deep cleaning:

  • Decluttering the room  
  • A dusting and wet wiping of all surfaces including baseboards, mirrors, fans, etc
  • Organizing of drawers and closets
  • Cleaning under the bed
  • Disinfecting all surfaces 
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Washing sheets and pillows
  • Folding laundry
  • Cobwebs
  • Doors
  • Vents
  • Windows
  • Sills
  • Blinds
  • Linen Changes

Having a clean bedroom will give you a refreshed night’s sleep. In addition, an organized closet is a huge stress reliever!

The Living Room 

The living room is so versatile. Whether it is a movie night or a family gathering the living room can get messy quickly! Living rooms can become easily cluttered and studies show that clutter and messes negatively affect your health.

Here is what goes into the living room deep cleaning:

  • Dusting and polishing of all surfaces including ceiling fans and fixtures
  • Removal of scuff marks 
  • Vacuuming furniture and carpets
  • Cleaning under furniture 
  • Cleaning windows and windowsills
  • Cobwebs
  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Sills
  • Baseboards
  • Doors 
  • Vents
  • Decluttering the room of unnecessary items

This detailing process will ensure a comfy living area. Organization is key in the living room!

A lot of clients sometimes choose to have a proritized list of things that they want done for their deep cleaning.  You may also limit the time to a specific amount to suit your needs and budget.

Get a Sparkling Home Today

Now that you understand exactly what is included in a deep house cleaning there is no reason to wait! You will feel refreshed in a clean and comfortable home that feels like new again. Hiring a professional to get your house deep cleaned will give you the confidence that your home is being cleaned and detailed to perfection!

If you are ready to get your house sparkling clean today click here!

how to clean blinds

Step-By-Step How to Clean Blinds

Dirty or dusty blinds are one of those small details that oftentimes gets passed by during a normal house cleaning. When’s the last time you gave your blinds a good cleaning? Over time, dust and dirt can build on the blinds on both sides, which can make them difficult to clean.

Blinds in the kitchen are even more prone to becoming dirty due to splashes that happen around the table, stove, or counters. Stop letting dirty blinds stare you down. We’re here to teach you how to clean blinds with ease so you never have to worry about staring dirty blinds in the face again. 

Continue reading to find out more!

Use A Vacuum Tool to Vacuum 

The first step to cleaning your blinds is to take a soft cleaning tool on your vacuum and vacuum them. The vacuum tools work great for removing dust from objects inside your home. Vacuuming the blinds will rid them of any loose dirt or dust with ease. 

Use your vacuum’s extender to reach the top of the blinds and don’t forget to vacuum both sides. 

Dust With a Soft Duster

After vacuuming away the majority of the dust, you can then use a duster to dust the blinds. This will wipe off any leftover dust or dirt that the vacuum was unable to remove. You can use a soft duster or even a microfiber cloth to complete this step. 

Remember to dust one side and then turn the blinds in the opposite direction to dust the other side as well. Be sure to dust and vacuum your blinds in a downward motion, otherwise, you might cause them to become unhinged. 

Close Blinds and Wash

Blinds with stuck-on dirt or grime can be gently washed cleaned using a damp cloth. Close the blinds and dip your cloth in warm water. Use the cloth to then scrub away any stubborn debris. 

The warm water should be enough to wipe the blinds clean, but if needed, you can add a small amount of soap to the water as well. When using soap, be sure to rinse well after washing. If all the soap isn’t removed, then it’ll leave a film on the blinds.

Remove for Deep Cleanings

In some instances, you might need to give the blinds a solid deep cleaning. This is true for blinds that haven’t been cleaned in years or for blinds that have lots of spills or splashes on them (blinds located in or near the kitchen). 

To deep clean your blinds, you’ll need to remove them from your window with care. Place them inside your bathtub filled with warm soapy water. You can scrub them clean inside the bathtub. 

Rinse well and then pat dry. 

We Know How to Clean Blinds!

Still not sure if you can clean your blinds as well as you’d like? We know how to clean blinds professionally!

Click here to get a quote today, and learn how we can help get your blinds and your entire home clean!

hiring maid services

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Maid Services in Memphis, TN

A few decades ago, cleaning companies were reserved for the wealthy. Having someone come to clean your house was considered a luxury. 

House cleaning has become a necessity in recent years, and the current pandemic has made it crucial to healthy living.

Before hiring maid services to help you clean, make sure you ask these seven questions.

1. How Long Have You Been a Business?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pop-up cleaning services that try to turn a quick dollar before closing the shop. Don’t get stuck with a company that has no intention of correcting mistakes or helping you again.

Because failure rates for cleaning businesses are high, see if businesses have been around longer than five years.

Cleaning services that have been around longer than five years have generally met exceptional standards of service and customer satisfaction.

You can still give a new cleaning service a chance by asking a representative for credentials or proof of past experience. They might also have a list of past clients that were satisfied and can speak to their service.

2. Do You Perform a Background Check on Employees?

When you allow people into your home to clean, you are put in a very vulnerable position. Maids will have access to your rooms, valuables, and important documents.

The last thing you want is someone with a criminal record or violent history spending time in your home.

Ask the company how they screen employees for their cleaning service. Do they do a standard background check? Ask to see if they’ll check the references of their employees.

Drug screens are also good filters to find out who is chemically dependent or abusing substances. A cleaner who is addicted to drugs will be more likely to try and steal something of value to sell later.

3. Do You Have Insurance and Permits?

One of the worst-case scenarios would involve a maid accidentally breaking a valuable asset while cleaning. Who pays for the damages?

Ask the maid service if they have insurance to cover accidents or damage. You don’t want to end up in court trying to recover the money to pay for repairs or replacements.

Make sure the insurance coverage has a high enough limit to cover everything in your house. 

You’ll want to see if the business has all required permits or licenses to operate within the city and state. If you hire someone who isn’t legally allowed to work, you can get into legal trouble, too.

4. What Happens If a Worker Is Hurt?

Another bad scenario is a maid getting injured at your house. Maybe she trips down the stairs or has a shelf fall on top of her. 

Ask the maid service if they have workers’ compensation insurance. You don’t want to be responsible for the financial burden of any injuries. 

A reputable cleaning service will have insurance coverage to protect you and the worker. If they don’t have it, ask for a document in writing that will release you of any responsibility.

If you hire an independent maid, make sure you are aware that you’re the employer. This is why it’s always best to go with a reputable company that has workers’ compensation protection.

5. What Are Your Basic Services?

A lot of customers have different expectations for what a basic cleaning entails. Get a copy of a cleaning company’s basic services. You want to know exactly what to expect.

If you have cleaning requests that aren’t involved in any level of service, then ask them how much it will be to include it. You want to have a clear understanding of what is expected as far as the detail of cleaning and the areas that are cleaned. 

Some companies will have discounts for repeat customers, so it might be advantageous to sign up for multiple cleanings in a month. There may also be specials for new customers.

6. Do You Have Training and Supplies for Workers?

The turnover rate in the cleaning industry is quite high. Some businesses are just looking for a body to place. 

Ask about a cleaning service’s training program to ensure you’re getting a person who knows what they are doing. The best cleaning companies will have documented training.

You’ll also want the company to provide their own supplies when cleaning your home. Part of the benefits of hiring a company is that you no longer have to keep a full closet of cleaning supplies.

You can still ask about what they provide in case you need a specific piece of equipment or environmentally-friendly chemicals. Be wary of a maid service that doesn’t provide basic cleaning and sanitation gear.

7. What’s Your Process for Getting in and out of the House?

While you might prefer to stay and watch a maid clean your home, this almost defeats the purpose of hiring them in the first place.

Find out if they have a good process for getting in and out of your house. Some companies will have very strict procedures that include a key pick drop-off and pick-up.

Make sure the only person who has access to the key is a manager or the owner of a cleaning business. The fewer keys you pass around, the better secure your home will be.

You may have to spend time showing the cleaners proper lock-up if you have security systems. It’s up to the customer to ensure animals and dangerous obstacles are put away. 

Hiring Maid Services to Make Your Life Easier

Make your life easier and get back precious hours by hiring maid services to clean your home. Ask these questions to make sure the cleaning company is perfect for your home.

Remember, this service is for everyone in Memphis.

If you’re ready to let someone else handle the messes, get a quote today!